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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions stipulated below are effective as of January 1st, 2018. Please, read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Website The fact of using the Website confirms your consent with the Terms and Conditions. (“Website”) is owned and operated by VANGUARD GLOBAL INFOTECH LTD. ("Casino", “Company”, "We", "Us", "Our"), registered by the Government of Curaçao as an Information Provider legally authorized to conduct online egaming operations from Curaçao with its registered address at E-Commerce Park Vredenberg City, Curaçao.


Current Terms and Conditions may be changed by the Company when such need occurs. The Company will notify the players of any significant changes, if possible. However, please visit the Terms and Conditions page regularly to check for possible changes.


The Website accepts players only from those countries and geographic regions where online gambling is allowed by law. However, it is the player’s sole responsibility to inquire about the existing gambling laws and regulations of the given jurisdiction before placing bets on the Website.

If you are a player from the United States of America or any of its territories, you won't be allowed to play real money wagering games (including bitcoins denominated games). Denmark, Spain, France, The Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean Island (Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten, St. Eustatia and Saba), and the Philippines are also among the restricted countries.

The Website can be used only by adult players at least 18 years old as of publication of effectivity of this Terms and Conditions; and players who have reached the age specified by the jurisdiction of player’s place of residence as eligible for online gaming. However, it is the player’s sole responsibility to inquire about the existing laws and regulations of the given jurisdiction regarding the age limitation for online gambling.

It is entirely and solely Your responsibility to enquire and ensure that You do not breach laws applicable to you by participating in the Games.

It is legal for You to participate in the Games according to applicable laws in the jurisdiction of your residence.

The Company reserves the right to ask for the proof of age and/or residence from the player and limit access to the Website or suspend the player’s account to those players who fail to meet this requirement.


Certain games may be unavailable in certain jurisdictions, as required by policies of game providers which may change from time to time.


The player is fully responsible for paying all fees and taxes applied to their winnings according to the laws of the jurisdiction of the player’s residence.


The player confirms that he/she knows and understands the rules of games offered by the Website. It is entirely at the player’s discretion to check the return percentage of each game.


The player is aware of the fact that gambling at the Website may lead to losing money. The Company is not liable for any possible financial damage arising out of the use of the Website.

The Company takes efficient measures to protect the player’s private information from any unauthorized Website use and only makes it available to parties involved in providing of gambling services through the Website. However, the Company is not responsible for the way the information is further treated by third parties, for example, third party affiliates or software providers. In such cases, use of the player’s personal information is subject to use Terms and Conditions of these parties, if any.

The Company is not liable of any hardware or software, defects, unstable or lost Internet connections, or any other technical problems that may limit the player’s access to the Website or compromise an Internet-connection during gaming.

Some circumstances may arise where a wager is confirmed, or a payment is performed, by us in error. In all these cases the Casino reserves the right to cancel all the wagers accepted containing such an error, or to correct the mistake made re-settling all the wagers at the correct prices/spreads/terms that should have been available at the time that the wager was placed in the absence of the error.

If we mistakenly credit your Member Account with winnings that do not belong to you, whether due to a technical, error in the pay-tables, or human error or otherwise, the amount will remain our property and will be deducted from your Member Account. If you have withdrawn funds that do not belong to you prior to us becoming aware of the error, the mistakenly paid amount will (without prejudice to other remedies and actions that may be available at law) constitute a debt owed by you to us. In the event of an incorrect crediting, you are obliged to notify us immediately by email.

The Casino, its directors, employees, partners, service providers:

1. do not warrant that the software or the Website is/are fit for their purpose
2. do not warrant that the software and Website are free from errors
3. do not warrant that the Website and/or Games will be accessible without interruptions
4. shall not be liable for any loss, costs, expenses or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or otherwise, arising in relation to Your use of the Website or Your participation in the Games

You hereby agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Casino, its directors, employees, partners, and service providers for any cost, expense, loss, damages, claims and liabilities howsoever caused that may arise in relation to your use of the Website or participation in the Games.

You acknowledge that the Casino shall be the final decision-maker of whether you have violated the Casino’s rules, terms or conditions in a manner that results in your suspension or permanent barring from participation in our site.


Each player can create only one user account. Creating multiple user accounts by a player can lead to termination of all the accounts.

The player should not provide access to his user account or allow using the Website by any third party including, but not limited to, minors.

The Website can only be used for personal purposes and shall not be used for gaining any type of commercial profit.


The Company has a strict anti-fraud policy. If the player is suspected of fraudulent actions including, but not limited to:

1. participating in any type of collusion with other players
2. development of strategies aimed at gaining of unfair winnings
3. fraudulent actions against other online casinos or payment providers
4. charge back transactions with a credit card or denial of some payments made
5. creating two or more accounts
6. other types of cheating

Advantage play zero tolerance

Casino have zero tolerance to advantage play.

Customer, who will try to gain advantage of casino welcome offers / other promotions agrees that casino reserve the right to void bonuses and any winnings from such bonuses from customer:

• use of stolen cards;
• chargebacks;
• creating more than one account in order to get advantage from casino promotions;
• providing incorrect registration data;
• any other actions which may damage the casino.

Or become bankrupt in the country of his/her residence, the Company reserves the right to terminate the user account and suspend all payouts to the player. This decision is at sole discretion of the Company and the player will not be notified or informed about the reasons of such actions. The Company also reserves the right to inform the regulatory bodies of such fraudulent actions performed by the player.

The Casino reserves the right to close Your Member Account and to refund to You the "Account balance", subject to the deduction of relevant withdrawal charges, at Casino’s absolute discretion and without any obligation to state a reason or give prior notice.

The Casino reserves the right to retain payments, if suspicion or evidence exists of manipulation of the casino system. Criminal charges will be brought against any user or any other person(s), who has/have manipulated the casino system or attempted to do so. The Casino reserves the right to terminate and/or, change any games or events being offered on the Website.

Should the user become aware of possible errors or incompleteness in the software, he/she agrees to refrain from taking advantage of them. Moreover, the user agrees to report any error or incompleteness immediately to the Casino. Should the user fail to fulfil the obligations stated in this clause, the Casino has a right to full compensation for all costs related to the error or incompleteness, including any costs incurred in association with the respective error/incompleteness and the failed notification by the user.

Also, any returns, deposits, winnings or bonuses which you have gained or accrued during such time as the Duplicate Account was active will be forfeited by you and may be reclaimed by us, and you will return to us on demand any such funds which have been withdrawn from the Duplicate Account.

If a player requested a withdrawal of the funds, but the sum of made bets since last deposit is less than 3x (three) times the size of that deposit, the Casino reserves the right to charge the player the costs of transaction processing, including deposits and withdrawals. This decision is at sole discretion of the Casino management.

The Casino reserves the right to determine any claimed bonuses or promotions, competition entries or accounts which connected to the same person, using all the appropriate means. In case any multiple accounts have been used, the Casino can immediately abolish any bonuses and bonus winnings, furthermore terminate such accounts and withhold promotional benefits the player ever had.

The administration of the Casino reserves the right to contact its players if regarded as a necessary part of verification. The account will not be verified, and the win will not be processed until a conversation with the Casino authorized representative is validated via the contact details provided at the player's account.

In case contact details are invalid or missing herewith possible fraud take place, the Casino reserves the right to terminate the account and confiscate the win. If the player does not get through the procedure within two weeks the account will be permanently closed, and the win confiscated. Such actions may help to reduce fraudulent actions and avoid negative practice in the future.

In case the player has duplicate account with bonuses, or same ID, or used few accounts in the same browser, or same playing scheme at both accounts, casino reserves the right to terminate such accounts and withhold the win.

If a customer avails of registration bonuses herewith his/her county differs from IP address, the administration of the casino reserves the right to terminate such accounts and withhold the win in order to avoid negative practice in the future.

If a customer or group of customers are suspected to have taken casino offers for the purposes of abusing the promotion, the Casino reserves the right to void the bonus and any winnings

Abusing of the promotion means:

1. Making max allowed bets on high variance games in order to increase balance
2. Decreasing stake after big hit and switching to low variance game
3. Making deposits with only bonus promotions without free cash deposits
4. Customer bonus ratio (deposits : bonuses) is more than 50%.


The Casino offers a variety of payment methods. They include credit and debit cards, as well as different e-wallets. Please, contact our support team at [email protected]???.com to learn about the payment methods which are preferred for your country of residence.


The minimum and maximum withdrawal amount depends on the payment method you decide to use. If the requested amount of withdrawal exceeds the limit of a particular payment system, the amount will be withdrawn in installments.

All winnings made from Bitcoins deposits, must be withdrawn on the same Bitcoin wallet which was used for the deposit making.

Please note that even for supported countries the Website is not able to guarantee successful credit card payment processing in all cases, since banks issuing credit cards may block or reject such transactions at their own discretion.

The Company reserves the right to hold withdrawals for the time necessary to check the player’s identity. In case the false personal information provided by the players, the withdrawal can be refused, and the user account can be terminated. The player will be informed thereof through the provided contact details.


An inactive Account is a Player Account which a player has not logged into or logged out of for twelve consecutive months. If your Player Account is deemed to be inactive, the Casino reserves the right to charge a monthly administrative fee for as long as the balance of your Player Account remains positive. You authorize the Casino to debit this fee from your Player Account on the beginning of the month following the day on which your Player Account is deemed inactive, and on the beginning of every subsequent month that your Player Account remains inactive. The Casino will stop deducting the fee if the account balance is zero or if the account is re-activated.


You may contact our customer service according to the instructions located at the Website to give us any complaints regarding our services.

Complaints are handled in the support department and escalated in the organization of the Casino in the case that support personnel do not solve the case immediately. The player shall be informed about the state of the complaint to a reasonable level.

If the dispute is not resolved on the casino management level, you can contact any independent body, gaming authority or licensor listed on the casino Website.

In the event of any dispute, you agree that the records of the server shall act as the final authority in determining the outcome of any claim.

You agree that in the unlikely event of a disagreement between the result that appears on your screen and the game server, the result that appears on the game server will prevail, and you acknowledge and agree that our records will be the final authority in determining the terms and circumstances of your participation in the relevant online gaming activity and the results of this participation.

When we wish to contact you regarding such a dispute, we will do so by using any of Your Contact Details.


The Casino gives its clients an opportunity to use active bonuses. Please, note that each bonus has its own use terms and conditions. All information relation to our bonus policy you can find on the "Promotions" page. The Casino reserves the right to make any changes into the current bonus policy.

Delaying any game round in any game, including free spins features and bonus features, to a later time when you have no more wagering requirement and/or performing new deposit(s) while having free spins features or bonus features still available in a game is prohibited. Players doing so agree to have their bonus and associated winnings declared void

Placing bets exceeding the specified limit, the player thus confirms that he/she rejects the bonus and the winning received due to such bonus. The bonus will be withdrawn without the right to recover it.

Finishing any round of any game with the help of free spins and any other bonuses is not allowed. The player agrees that by doing so he/she thus rejects the bonus and the money won due to such bonus.

If a player requested a withdrawal of the funds, but the sum of made bets since last deposit is less than the size of that deposit, the Casino reserves the right to charge the player the costs of transaction processing, including deposits and withdrawals. This decision is at sole discretion of the Casino management.


It is entirely and solely Your responsibility to enquire and ensure that You do not breach laws applicable to you by participating in the Games. It is legal for You to participate in the Games according to applicable laws in the jurisdiction of your residence. Please see “Who Can Play” clause of the Terms and Conditions


The Casino provides protection of the player’s personal information in compliance with the privacy law and treats all client information as being a highly sensitive information. Privacy policy of third party provider applies for transactions made outside the Website domain.


We collect a personal information about our players when they sign up with our system, contact us or contact our support service. Such information can include the player's name, the date of birth, his/her personal address, email, IP address, debit and/or credit card information, and other personal data.

The personal player's information is disclosed to the employees of the website, employees of VANGUARD GLOBAL INFOTECH LTD. supplying software, employees of the payment system and other third parties involved in providing game services of to the end users. All parties receiving the access to such information treat it as a sensitive information according to appropriate agreements and laws. All information is completely protected from an unauthorized access.


The Casino keeps information on deposits, winnings and withdrawals as being a highly sensitive one and does not disclose it to third parties without receiving the preliminary player's consent unless otherwise is provided by law.

USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION FOR MARKETING PURPOSES uses the player's information for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, we respect the privacy of our players. If players do not want to receive promotion materials, they can choose such option while signing up or refuse this service at any other moment upon using the game services of the casino.


The Website uses cookies to cache your preferences and thus enabling more pleasant gaming.

To get any privacy settings the player should contact our support team [email protected]???.com


If the Casino finds out the client's involvement into any type of fraudulent actions, such as game manipulations, payment fraud, provision of a faulty personal information, money laundering, use of stolen credit cards, etc., the company reserves the right to disclose the player's personal information to third parties or make it public.

PERSONAL INFORMATION SECURITY strives to guarantee 100% security of game services for players to ensure that their information will not be stolen, lost or misused. We use the up-to-date technologies to secure personal data of all players.


We use a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology preferred by many legal and financial institutions to ensure safety of all transactions made on the Website.


We use special anti-fraud methods to prevent any type of financial fraud on the website. Any attempts to take fraudulent actions will lead to immediate termination of the player's account.


The player's account can be available only upon providing the unique ID and the player's password. The player is liable for keeping private the sign-up information and prevention of an unauthorized access to third parties.


We cooperate only with the most well-reputed and respected providers of payment processing services to make sure the deposits and withdrawals made by players are treated appropriately and in compliance with the applicable standards.


Gambling at an online casino is mostly done for entertainment purposes. However, there is a certain percentage of people who lose control over themselves while gambling. Before starting to play, it is important to acknowledge that gaming shall not be viewed as a source of income or means of recovery from debts. It is useful to keep track of the time and the amount of money spent at an online casino daily.

Problem gaming assistance

If you think that you start spending more money than you can afford, or gaming starts interfering with your normal daily routines, the following measures may help:


You may contact our support Team at and inform us about your decision to stop gambling at the website for a certain period. We will take all measures to block your access to the website and make sure that you receive no promotion materials.

External help

You may contact any of the following organizations for consultation and support:

Gamblers Anonymous


Gambling Therapy

PROTECTION OF MINORS accepts only players who are at least 18 years old and uses all available methods to stop any attempts of minors to sign up and play at our casino. The casino reserves the right to ask for the proof of identity and in case the player has not reached the legal age to play, access to the Website will be denied.

However, we realize that due to a wide availability of Internet, minors still have a chance to sign up and play at an online casino. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents to cooperate in protecting their children from free access to gaming websites. There is a special software that can help in this matter. Please visit the following websites for more information.

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